Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Margaret Thatcher og Winston Churchill om Islam

Dagens politikere er ignorante og lyver om Islam. Med Margaret Thatcher og Winston Churchill var ting annerledes. De kalte en spade for en spade.

Tatcher sa, "In many respects the challenge of Islamic terror is unique, hence the difficulty western intelligence services encountered trying to predict and prevent its onslaughts. The enemy is not, of course, a religion - most Muslims deplore what has occurred. Nor is it a single state, though this form of terrorism needs the support of states to give it succour. Perhaps the best parallel is with early communism. Islamic extremism today, like bolshevism in the past, is an armed doctrine. It is an aggressive ideology promoted by fanatical, well-armed devotees. And, like communism, it requires an all-embracing long-term strategy to defeat it." 

Winston Churchill hadde jobbet i Midtøsten og hadde observert Islam på nært hold. Han sa ting slik han mente det var uten filter. Jeg ville selv ikke brukt samme ordbruken, men nå er jeg heller ikke Churchill. 


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