Monday, 21 August 2017

The Other Worldview: Exposing Christianity's Greatest Threat

Jeg leste akkurat ferdig denne boken og synes den var veldig god. Jones påpeker viktigheten av livssyn og det ny-hedenske, "Oneism" er Kristendommens største trussel. Kristendommen skiller mellom stat kirke, åndelig og sekulær. Kroppen tilhører staten og sjelen tilhører kirken. En får altså en avdeling av makt. I et hedensk/østlig/panteistisk livssyn så er virkeligheten åndelig mens det materielle er en illusjon. I et materielt Vestlig livssyn er hele virkeligheten materiell. Bibelen gir rom både for åndelig og materiell virkelighet. Begge deler like viktig. Både sekulært og åndelig har verdi og er noe vi må forholde oss til.

Noen sitater fra boken:

- For Jung, getting in touch with one's true harmonious self, joining the opposites of good and evil and eliminating guilt, was the world's only hope. This solution illustrates a major problem of paganism and emergent liberalism-no real recognition of evil and thus the inability to deal with it. Everything is finally excused and relativized away-but how do you deal with the vicious beheading off hundres of 20-something Syrian soldiers by the Jihadist of the Islamic state (Loc 3444)

  • The 1970 Gay Revolution Party manifesto said, “The gay revolution will produce a world in which all social and sensual relationships will be gay and in which homo-and heterosexuality will be incomprehensible terms. (Worldview Loc 1849)

    • Calus Westermann contrasted the Genesis myths in the following way, “What distinguished the Genesis account of creation among the many creation stories of the Ancient Near East is that for Genesis there can be only one creator and that all else that is or can be, can never be anything, but a creature. (Worldview Loc 293)

- Moreover, Oneism has a cyclical view of time that precludes the notion of progress. There can only be repetititon or eternal recurrence. If there is no divinely-ordered beginning with God creating, "the heavens and the earth" and no post historic ending which only God can produce, then no final meaning to things can possibly emerge. The resolution of history cannot come from within history, so waiting for one will always be frustrating. The resolution will come from beyond. (Loc 3316)

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