Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Står Vesten for fall?

Martyn Lloyd-Jones var en enormt lærd innenfor historie og han skriver om Romerrikets fall: 
Why did the Goths and the Vandals and other barbarians conquer the Roman Empire? Was it by superior military power? Of course not! Historians know that there is only one answer; the fall of Rome came by reason of the spirit of indulgence that had invaded rate Roman world-the games, the pleasures, the baths. The moral rot had entered into the hearth of the Roman Empire was the cause of Rome's decline and fall. It was not superior power from the outside, but internal rot that was Rome's ruination. And the really alarming fact today is that we are witnessing a similar declension in this, and most other Western countries. This slackness, this indiscipline, the whole outlook and spirit is characteristic of a period of decadence. The pleasure mania, the sports mania, the drink and drug mania have gripped the masses. This is the essential problem, this sheer absence of discipline and of order and of true notion of government.

Beskrivelsen til Jones er ekstremt presis med tanke på hva som skjer i Europa og ikke minst Norge. Repeterer historien seg? Kun hvis vi lar den. Vi kan lære av feilene og rette dem opp før det er for sent.

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