Monday, 15 May 2017

Gamle Testamentet og Tekst Kritikk

Tekst kritikk er en viktig disiplin som handler om å studere den menneskelige delen av Bibelen. Bibelen er Gudommelig bok, men har også en menneskelig del. I denne posten vil jeg dele noen sitater fra en bok av to tekst kritikere som bekrefter av vi kan stole på GT. Med tanke på at tekst kritikken er så spesialisert så vil jeg sitere ekspertene direkte:

- First, we must remember that the vast majority of the differences between manuscripts are quite minor. Many reflect insignificant pronunciations such as the difference between, "tomato" and "tomhato" or spelling differences such as "baptist" or "baptize". Relatively few of the differences, in  terms of percentages, fundamentally changes the meaning of the text. Salmon himself quickly balances the statement quoted above by saying that, "these errors and textual divergences between the versions materially affect the intrinsic message only in relatively few instances." Bruce Watlke suggest that, on average, there is about one textual note in BHS for each ten words. Textual criticism, by its very nature, focuses on the variant readings, but the 90% or more of the text that exists without variation must also be kept in view. Second, we need not to be discouraged because the discipline of textual criticism gives the tools to correct manuscripts and establish the original text. Textual criticism is not a symptom of a multitude of manuscripts with conflicting readings.. it is the cure. With a disciplined approach and the proper background knowledge, we an sift through the variants and establish the text with a high degree of confidence and accuracy. (Page 4)

- But by and large, the Hebrew text that we have have been faithfully (though not perfectly) transmitted down through the years. (page 35)

- The "Maserotic Text" refers to the Hebrew text tradition that became normative in Judaism, was carefully preserved, and is now our most important witness to the text of the OT. (page 49)

- When these are coupled with the nature of writing materials in antiquity and the climatic conditions in Palestine, it is amazing that we have any text of the OT. It is important to remember that the OT text has been in continuous circulation since the time of its initial writing. Its text is far better attested than any other document of comparable age. (page 189)

GT kommer altså svært godt ut sammenlignet med annen litteratur. Vi har ingen grunn til å ikke stole på GT.

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