Monday, 23 May 2016

Ateisme og Kommunisme

Ateismen og det materialistiske livssynet er grunnlaget for Kommunismen. Her en samling av sitater som bekreftet dette:

- Karl Marx sin doktorgrad: The Difference Between the Natural Philosophy of Democritus and of Epicurus. Marx favoriserte materialismen til Epicurus som gav han mulighet til å basere alt på materie. Dette skulle vise seg å være mye av grunnlaget for hele hans ideologi.

- Når Marx ble spurt hva målet hans i livet var så svarte han: To dethrone God and destroy capitalism!

- Lenin sa: We must combat religion- this is the ABC of materialism, and consequently of Marxism. (V.I Lenin, Religion, p 14)

- Skousen sier: The anti-religious cynicism of Nineteenth Century Materialism. This led them to try to explain everything in existence in terms of one single factor matter. They denied intelligent design in the universe, the existence of God, the divinity of religion and the moral precepts of Judaic-Christian teachings. (Side 4 Naked Communist)

- Communism begins where atheism begins. - Karl Marx

- Anatole Lunarcharsky (tidligere Russisk Commissar for utdannelse): We hate Christians and Christianity. Even the best of them must be considered our worst enemies. They preach love of one's neighbor and mercy, which is contrary to our principles. Christian love is an obstacle to the development of Revolution. Down with love our neighbor! What we want is hate... Only then can we conquer the universe. (Quoted in Congressional Record, Vol 77, pp. 1539 - 1540)

- Lenin: A young man or woman cannot be a Communist youth unless he or she is free of religious conviction. (Young Communist Truth, October 18, 1947)

Official Statement: "If a Communist Youth believes in God and goes to church, he fails to fulfill his duties. This means that he has not yet rid himself of religious superstitions and has not become a fully conscious person. (Young Bolshevik, No 5-6 1946, p. 56)

- Lenin: Marxism cannot be conceived without atheism. We would add here that atheism without Marxism is incomplete and inconsistent. (V.I Lenin, Religion, Introduction, pp. 3-6)

- There can be no doubt about the fact that the new state of the USSR is led by the Communist Party, with a program permeated by the spirit of militant atheism. (E. Yaroslavsky, Religion in the USSR p.59

- Blant de 45 Kommunist målene for å overta Usa og Vesten generelt (1963): Infiltrate the churches and replace revealed religion with, "social religion. Discredit the Bible and emphasize the need for intellectual maturity, which does not need a "religious crutch". Her.

Dette var bare noen få sitater som burde bekrefte det åpenbare. Grunnlaget for Kommunisme er et ateistisk materialistisk livssyn. Uten dette grunnlaget kan ikke denne ideologien eksistere. Alle ateister er heldigvis ikke Kommunister, men alle Kommunister er ateister.

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